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The net loss is meaningless currently. You're quoting the $933 million as though it matters: it does not.

That's a sub 3% dilution on their valuation. Laughable with the capital that is freely flowing right now.

It only matters if the music stops at a time when their finances are in very bad shape. If you had polled HN about that, you would have gotten four years ago as the popular answer to when the music was going to stop.

Amazon took the exact same risk, bleeding vast red ink to expand aggressively, financing itself with free flowing capital during a bubble. So is this comparable to 1996, 1998, 2000, 2005, 2007, none of those? Who knows, especially given the behavior of central banks is aggressively interventionalist post 2007.

So many people like referring to Amazon and Facebook, although they forget that both companies capitalized on the rapidly raising demand for better shopping and better casual networking triggered by the rise of web. There were actual people willing to pay for a solution and there was nobody else providing a good enough solution because the technology was relatively new.

What recent technological advance made WeWork possible in a way that was not viable 10 years ago? Cash burning VCs' pockets that lets them underbid the competition?

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