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The video seems ludicrous. They fail to show that same test with a Tesla in autopilot crashing into the back of a car in manual mode. I doubt a manual driver would be able to ovoid that rear-end accident. I could be wrong, but they should demonstrate it with scientific results and facts instead of making fear-mongering promotional videos.

The video seems plausible. I mean, I regularly avoid road hazzards I cannot see until the car in front of me moves to avoid them. The key is to not be an ass and tailgate the person in front of you so you have time to react.

Ludicrous and not 100% scientifically sound are two very different things. The Tesla doesn't appear to brake at all going in, as has been the case in actual crashes. A driver may not be able to avoid any accident but almost certainly could apply brakes to some extent. That braking can be the difference between life and death.

Any human paying attention would follow the leading vehicle as it swerved. That was not at all an abrupt swerve. Also, most people know not to focus just on the leading vehicle. And to back off when the can't see around it.

Given the Model 3's poor stopping distance, you may unfortunately be correct that even an aware driver couldn't stop in that space.

  Car           distance (feet)
  Model 3(orig) 152
  Model 3 (new) 133
  F-150         129
  Model X       127
  Camry Hybrid  125
  F-150 Lariat  119
  Model S       118 
  Porsche P.GTS 110 - Panamera 
  Chrysler 300S 109

After Consumer Reports highlighted this, Tesla issued an OTA update, so that now the Model 3 stops in a reasonable distance consistently.

Yes, this is noted in the chart:

  Model 3 (new) 133

Wow, a Ford F-150 truck has better stopping distance? Do you have a source for this?


> In a recent test of various 2018 F-150s, Motor Trend recorded a 129-foot stopping distance for the 3.3-liter XL Supercab model, while an upscale Lariat trim made the stop in 10 fewer feet. For comparison, a Chrysler 300S tested by the same publication made the stop in 109 feet.

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