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I've never worked with React, so that code is just noise to me right now.

In any case, there's no inherent difference between basic values and ordered lists and data transforms. The latter two are just recursive application of operations on basic values.

I am finally figured out how to do it with Surplus :) Its documentation is super confusing, first it talks that there are no lifecycle hooks, but then I see lifecycle hooks[1], then it talks that there are no diffing, and then I see inefficient diffing algo[2].

It won't be so hard to solve use cases that I am talking about. Just create an index(HashMap), implement simple diffing algo that updates hashmap index and doesn't care about item positions, then from the ordered list generate a new list with values from the hashmap index, and then apply this inefficient diff algo that uses object identity to track objects[2].

1. https://github.com/ismail-codar/surplus-material/blob/3dce38...

2. https://github.com/adamhaile/S-array/blob/1046fca3032691d4ef...

When you don't have any information how ordered lists were transformed(data snapshots), there is a huge difference between basic values when you can assign the latest value, and ordered list where you need to figure out how to rearrange items in observable array, so that it will be able to track changes and rearrange DOM nodes.

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