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I don't think people use guns for self defense.


Whether or not owning a gun makes you statistically safer is another matter entirely from whether or not guns can be used for self defense. There is no shortage of real world examples of guns being used for self defense. So objectively they are used for self defense. They're also used for murder, hunting, target practice, looking nice on a shelf, etc.

Incidentally, that article includes suicide. Leaving aside the issue of whether or not somebody should be permitted to make such a decision about their own life, statistics don't apply to individuals in the way you are implying. While you could determine that owning increases the rate of successful suicide in a population, you cannot say it makes that man right there, named Bob more likely to kill himself. Because you don't know anything about Bob. Bob may be the sort of man who never even fleetingly contemplates suicide once in his entire life. If Bob were such a man, owning a gun would not make it particularly likely for Bob to commit suicide.

Furthermore whether or not Bob trusts his wife to not murder him with his gun is a matter completely removed from whether or not Bob ever uses his gun in self defense, or whether he owns it for self defense but never uses it for self defense (the later being orders of magnitude more common.)

The article I posted appears to disagree that guns are used for self-defence. Perhaps there is an illusion of safety, or there are unreported cases that discredit the article (I don't doubt), but when you have burglars robbing homes specifically because they contain guns, you have to wonder whether gun ownership provides real security.

I feel like we're getting off on a tangent regarding Apple's decision to further strengthen the privacy of a device. Happy to discuss in another forum the practicality of gun ownership.

> "The article I posted appears to disagree that guns are used for self-defence."

It doesn't say that, but perhaps it appears that way to you. You read it that way because what you seem to have is a fundamentally dehumanizing ideology that reduces individuals to averages. Something I've found to be characteristic of those with extremist political beliefs.

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