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This is something I'm trying to solve, starting with Australia.[0] I'm building the service that I wish existed when I needed a mental health professional, something I can send friends and colleagues to.

It does a lot of what you suggest. I've started from a position of "so you know you want a psychologist" because otherwise the scope is just overwhelming.

Like people have found, fit is the most difficult thing. I think we can improve this with data. But until someone's figured it out, I recommend always calling a therapist on the phone and talking to them a bit, before committing to a session. The phone is scary, but a bad intro call is much less draining and expensive than a bad session.

We're working on enabling online appointment scheduling for the reasons you say, but getting a uniform booking interface for thousands of individual psychologists turns out to be a huge task.

If people wanted to have a look around we have a test link [1] so the human clinical staff know that you don't need help.

[0] https://mindfit.org.au [1] https://mindfit.org.au/demo

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