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--Example 1: The decision was made for me The therapist I went to after my suicide attempt was an uncaring, unsympathetic bitch. (yes, I know I'm gonna get kicked out of the feminist club.) I went to her only because the hospital staff released me after I said I would see someone and the appointment was made. And let me digress a minute. The ER staff (Inova Alexandria, Virginia) were even worse. They told me I was silly and unfeeling and totally wasting their time, that there were people with real problems there and I was taking time away from them. I kid you not. Back to the mean therapist. I only saw her a few times.

--Example 2: My doctor made a recommendation I diagnosed myself with clinical depression (I took a quiz in Good Housekeeping but I had know for 20+ years that something was wrong with me) and went to see my GP. In the appt with my GP, I disclosed I had been molested and he recommended I see this woman (I have no idea what her degree was, it didn't matter then). He warned me she was a little touchy feely (not in that way!) but told me to stick with her for a few sessions. The doctor was right. My therapist was wonderful and got me through one helluva hard time.

--Example 3: My new NP made a suggestion I'm not in the mood for therapy therapy so talked with my NP and she suggested a local clinic type of thing. She described what it's like, told me she visited several times, and has referred other patients there. All are getting something out of it.

I've done pretty well getting recommendations/suggestions save for the crazy b in Alexandria, VA. As a networker, I feel confident I could find someone by asking around. BUT ONLY if I were not in crisis mode. If I need an emergency sort of thing, my plan is to call my NP (I have her mobile) and her tell me where to go when.

I do agree with the too many options comments. I have thought about just checking myself in somewhere. THAT is a challenge. Is A better than B? Etc.

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