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I'm on mediCal so I get pretty much one option for mental health, these 'family clinics' and goddamn they are horrible. I've been in one of the deepest depressive swings I've ever dealt with and they really couldn't give less of a shit, but I can't see a normal doctor without paying out of pocket. It's kafka-esque, really.

If you have the need to talk to someone, you can find low cost Therapists.

They are usually students, but I found they were better than the licensed MFCC, and PhDs. The sessions are recorded, and listened to by a licensed therapist.

I believe most medi-cal doctors will prescribe antidepressants. Yes--the medi-Cal system is not great. The drug formulary is workable though. There are some very good medi-cal doctors though. They don't have the much time with the patients, but if you go in with depressive symptoms they will prescribe. A nurse might give you a depression screening. They never worked for myself, but I was told I'm not really depressed. And as my doctor always said, "All my patients are different."

The average medi-cal doctor writes prescriptions for psychotropic drugs daily.

Hang in there. I don't know your age, but the twenties/thirties are a bitch. Just a cluster puck of hormones, expectations, etc.

Don't let this society drive you nuts. The economy is suspose to be blissful. I don't see it. I just see the wealthy getting ahead. I notice so many very unhappy people. We are at a weird time in history?

If I had a do-over, I don't think I would have tried so many anti-depressants. I fell for the advertising. But--but, I'm no Psychiatrist.

Oh yea, too much alcohol can make depressive symptoms worse. I'm not preaching, but I know first hand.

(A bit off topic, but sometimes not having great insurance is not a bad thing in the long run. I have met a few people with good insurance that are vastly overmedicated.)

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