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Lenovo Crammed a Hexa-Core CPU and 128GB of Memory into a Laptop (tomshardware.com)
19 points by mikece 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

A laptop with 128 GB of ECC memory.

I really want one.

But unfortunately it's a Lenovo... I still remember the malware they shipped in the system BIOS. Any good reason to trust them now?

As far as I'm aware, only their non-Thinkpad laptops have shipped with malware in the BIOS.

I personally wouldn't worry about buying a Thinkpad from Lenovo, but I would not buy any other laptop from them.

Yeah, existing Xeon powered Thinkpads already go to 64 GB of ECC, so this is really just a core bump for those not willing to forego ECC (no one really should).

How long ago was the BIOS malware issue? My P50 will be two years old in August... I'm asking for myself.

I believe the category is mobile workstation rather than a laptop. I have a P50 and like it a lot, but it's not a machine you casually whip out in an airplane.

I've uses a zbook on an airplane. Definitely convenient to carry around that much power. Although I don't think mobile workstations quite get their max performance because of throttling.

On the one hand I'm looking forward to more RAM in lower-end CPUs (Ryzen Mobile hello?) that are not Xeon (Intel seems to limit almost everythign to 32GB) for Virtual Machine labs on the go.

Having said that, RAM prices are making that hurt :( The extra cost for a Xeon class machine would probably be a blip on the radar of 64-128GB of RAM at this point.

Mobile workstations suck to lug around. I made the mistake of buying a Dell M6500 precision. That thing was way to heavy, and it made me look like a toddler with it sitting on my lap. It had a lot of power, but it was extremely fragile.

I have one as well, it sits on the desk. Tho I take it if traveling so I can have something powerful nearby and then lug around the chromebook with me. I have a W520 which is the same. I think I carried it less than 5 times before it took it's permanent position at my desk.

Interesting to see it has a 170W power supply - that’s a lot of energy!

My P50 has a 230W power supply so that’s quite a reduction in power consumption!

wow, that is incredibly inefficient!

Call me when the RAM on laptops and ultrabooks default to a baseline of 16GB and upgrade up to 64GB.

We've been stuck with 4-8-16GB for wayyyy too long.

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