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The good news is you went to your GP and typed up a request on Hacker News. Some more good news is that in many cases depression is more of a life-state issue than a neurochemistry issue (1). Further good news is that it can often be resolved by talking to just about anyone. Finding the optimal therapist is far less important than talking to some therapist.

There are a few advantages to talking to a licensed psychotherapist (clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, etc): 1) they are bound by therapist-client privilege; 2) in order to have gained licensure, they had to go through a training process where they built a network of other professionals, not just their own inbred type, but pharmacists, physicians, etc; 3) because they're licensed they want to protect their license, so they will have a low threshold to refer you to a colleague if they believe you need more than they can provide.

Note, absolutely none of that has to do with their skills, their belief system, or anything else. It's strictly to do with the rules that apply to that piece of talking meat.

Given that talking with any piece of meat is better than not, I'd encourage you to talk with a piece of meat that is subject to some social rules that strongly encourage them to make sure you get the best care.

(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2734449/

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