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Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme – Ajit Vadakayil (ajitvadakayil.blogspot.com)
2 points by ibmocy 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

lame, pointless, ignorant

there's nothing more transparent that bitcoin. if you don't believe simply don't run a full node and enjoy your fiat money and the cycles of boom and busts(the real ponzi). The Keynesian economics is a money printing from thin air and never ending debt. good luck with hoarding fiat money.

the argument that gold is not volatile is childish, writer doesn't understand basic concepts (senseless copy pasting from wikipedia etc), when only a few hands were trading gold in its infancy, it must have be super volatile. simple math and economics that the writer can't comprehend

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin mining is very centralized, with the top four miners in Bitcoin and the top three miners in Ethereum controlling FAR FAR more than 51 % of the hash rate. Was that transparent to you ?

I believe it is mining pools that control large % of the mining. And they have no interest in destroying the currency they're mining.

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