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Before even narrowing down the professionals; I would strongly recommend you to question the nature of your problems and think about the possibility of them being symptoms of underlying physical problems.

Most of the time and for most people the so called mental health issues are only symptoms of chronic health conditions or a bad lifestyle. Digestive issues, auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, excessive stress/unhappiness, a bad diet and similar conditions are all known to cause "mental health" issues in the mid and long term.

I suggest you to review any other physical conditions you have and definitely see a naturopath/nutritionist or a similar natural health practitioner beside your therapist/psychologist/coach/whatever (if any).

Seeing a naturopath over a mainstream physician is important. As mainstream medicine normalizes many health issues and usually fails to grasp chronic conditions; it usually misses important clues regarding not-so-apparent problems and is prone to declare that you "are fine" and "probably need to see a psychiatrist". That is a way of saying that they have no clue.

The human body is a whole and usually the words of a therapist, or the weird drugs of a psychiatrist fall short on restoring your sanity, according to my experience. Please be very skeptic of the professionals who fail to exhibit a broad knowledge on the human nature/body and the ones who strongly promote a single "magic" method of healing, such as a single drug/herb, or bare conversations, however "empowering", "motivational" or "insightful" they may be.

Let me repeat: Check the hardware first for failures.

If all seems to be fine, and you are fit; you probably need to quit your job/partner/town and seek new company/activities.

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