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Like others, I recommend using Psychology Today to find a mental health practitioner.

Some other tips for mental well-being:

Meditate. See if you have a meditation center in your area, or meditate on your own. Shamatha meditation teaches you to make friends with your own mind.

Learn to recognize thinking traps. The Mood Notes app can be helpful with this.


Thinking traps lead us down the path to negative emotions.


The Mood Notes app will ask you how you are feeling, why you think you may be feeling that way, and whether any thinking traps may apply to that situation. Finally, it will ask whether you feel any better after having reflected. You could do the same thing without the app, but the app helps to formalize the process.

Reduce phone, computer, and television usage as much as you can.

Slow down. Go for walks. Put less pressure on yourself. Tell yourself that you are OK, and everything will be OK. Breathe.

Good luck!

Meditation is a passive activity and doesn't really have appreciable effects. It's mostly new age woo.

I understand why you would think that, but I'm not sure that you know what meditation actually is. Have you ever meditated?

It's basically training your mind to just be present, without having to form judgements all the time.

If you feel like giving it a try, here is a decent how-to.


It's a good antidote for today's phone and interrupt-based culture.

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