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Having a friend who's a "shrink" (her words not mine), this is what I suggest.

First, I recommend a neutral therapist, i.e. one that's not affiliated with a church or religion. I would also recommend getting one that's licensed, or working under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

Then they are basically going to fall into two categories: Cognitive Behavioral, and Psychodynamic.

Cognitive Behavioral seeks to change your thinking patterns through conscious awareness and behavior modification. Usually there is a limit, say 6-10 sessions with a series of goals to be met.

Psychodynamic seeks to help by helping you to overcome the emotions you may be repressing or unable to deal with. This can be two or three sessions, say or longer (months).

A psychiatrist may do either, and then may add a drug regimen to help you balance your emotions.

All are popular, all work for different people.

Also pretty much all of them will be willing to meet with you to see if you click and answer any questions, though some may not be able take on new clients.

Edited to add:

Also, one thing my shrink friend complains about are "corporate" mental health centers who declare the patient healed when their insurance runs out.

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