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Just one note regarding insurance and cost. I think the number of therapists that are covered under insurance plans varies dramatically region to region. The bay area, as an example, seems to have an incredibly small number of therapists that are in-network on insurance plans. It seems like the majority of psychologists do not work directly with insurance companies, because there's so much demand and the insurance companies are such a hassle and pay so much less than market rate.

The market rate for a therapist these days is something like $250/hour here in the bay area. Many insurance plans will reimburse if you submit an invoice from a therapist. The reimbursement rates vary greatly, sometimes zero, sometimes 50%, sometimes 80%, etc.

So all that to say that it's a super shitty system where you can't know ahead of time how expensive therapy will end up being for you, and the therapists themselves typically also don't know ahead of time (although they can certainly have a sense of which insurance companies typically reimburse at different rates).

Source: my wife is a psychologist in SF who doesn't directly accept insurance but the majority of her patients receive some level of insurance reimbursement.

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