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Yes, exactly. I wish I could pop my location and insurance plan into a website, and get back a list of 3 nearby providers who are accepting new patients - even better, links to a site where one can schedule appointsments with each of them.

Google, however, is prohibitive. You end up having to either comb through thousands of individual results to find ones that are nearby and take your insurance, or you end up on an aggregator site with literally thousands (at least in NYC) of matches and the same problem with slightly more structured data.

It's just so daunting to make any decision when faced with too much data and insufficient information on how to use that data, that the depressive brain just kind of shuts down and says "fuck it, I can't deal with this now."

Not sure if you are in the US, but Zocdoc does exactly that thing. Enter location, doctor type and insurance, it will show you the list of all doctors/therapists and you can even sort by rating and availability.

You should check the website of your insurance company. Many of them offer exactly this sort of tool.

Mine just offers a data dump of 500 providers and their phone numbers, unfortunately.

Hmm. That's... sort of useful, you could probably script something interesting with that.

I wish. (I'm imagining a filtering system that either prevents you from seeing providers not on your insurance, or flags them appropriately)

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