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This could be done even at a block association level with 5G/wifi or maybe even 4G.

4G/5G/Wifi is critical to undermining the incumbent ISPs. Urban and heavy to medium suburban rollout could be rapid.

Perhaps google should buy T-Mobile to get access to cell towers as a start... take the licenses from Nextel/Sprint for ISP-level data delivery, and keep T-Mobile for regular coverage.

Of course, I haven't tracked the status of T-Mobile / Nextel / Sprint's spectrum rights in a long time.

But google or a consortium could provide turnkey solutions to doing block / neighborhood / community / village / city wireless ISP that actually works.

And provide the legal backing when the prolific army of telecom lawyers come knocking to shake down smaller operations.

Or balloons. Weren't there supposed to be balloons?

I'm not sure if Google wants to get in on that game. They might now that net neutrality is a thing of the past. From what I understand their few entries into spectrum bidding were mostly to get the incumbents to up their bids.

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