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I would suggest that depends on how they present the community artifacts. If they provide a good deal of obvious disclaimers that the artifacts are built by Joe Random and "Use at your own peril", etc, then they are probably covered. If not, then they are guilty of conditioning people with bad behavior.

For an example of how this existed long before Linux containers:

There are third party RPM and APT package repositories that have existed for a very long time. The packages are not vetted by a company and there is no legal culpability for anything nefarious being contained within. People use these packages at their own peril and it is assumed they have mitigating controls to reduce risk.

Github is community contributed code and there is no enforceable legal contract between the developer and the consumer. The same thing applies. Use at your own peril and have mitigating controls (code diff reviews, static analysis, legal review, etc) This is especially true for all those projects under the MIT license.

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