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> Reddit will load the site and actually overlay a white screen to make it appear like it never loads if you block its cookies.

That's CRAZY. Couldn't reproduce in Edge though.

This isn't uncommon for sites that sniff adblockers too, though it varies how much of an obstacle it is. Often you can Inspect the div they are covering things up with and just delete it (or block it for good with uBlock etc.) - clever implementations won't fetch the actual content you wanted to read, so you'll only uncover an empty page, though.

That's why I use Cookie AutoDelete. It lets the page set cookies, but as soon as you navigate away or close the tab, they're gone.

Did you already have cookies installed? I found that if I let it load a cookie then block it, it would load (but it already had a cookie on there, defeating the point). Try clearing out everything (or try on IE)

replicated and confirmed on Chromium

preventing the Reddit script from executing (uMatrix) will prevent the white screen overlay, also.

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