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I vaguely remember using a Firefox extension a long time ago that allowed one to whitelist / sticky a handful of domains that would be spared from the usual "delete every cookie", giving the user a renewed sense of control over what the web knows about them.

Nowadays with online fingerprinting┬╣ this may amount to nothing more than placebo, but I do miss it.


1. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/02/now-s...

Called self-destructing cookies. It broke with web extensions and cannot be replaced (like many other add-ons I use) because the web extension APIs to provide the functionality do not exist. I'm still on Firefox 55 though, so I can still use it (like firegestures, quickjava, no close buttons, vertical tabs, and others that are labeled as legacy).

I always find it very creepy when I looked something up on someone else's laptop and use it again half a year later, only to find that it remembers my last visit and (for example) centers the map where I last left it. I'm so used to having things be cleaned up against tracking, I don't even really experience what the web is like these days.

Ah, they did finally implement an API for localStorage then. Good to see!

That just leaves hiding the tab bar, gestures that work in all windows (e.g. also in the view-source URL windows) and that work before the target page has loaded, etc.

Right. And maybe it should be done before supporting VR.

Happy user of Cookie Autodelete here, I agree it is a good replacement.

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