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I think the danger is in thinking that streaming providers have everything and are incentivized to show you everything.

e.g. When you pull up an auto-generated playlist or look at recommended suggestions, are you just looking at content which the provider prefers to show you? Can you trust reviews from the same company that's selling you the content? If some content isn't on there, will it just disappear into the abyss? If the provider decides to drop some content, will you ever see it again?

I've had Spotify show me an indie label artist with <1000 listens on Spotify, and <1000 views on Youtube. It was the absolute best thing I've ever seen.

And yes, if content isn't on Spotify for me, it basically doesn't exist. If it's on Bandcamp maybe I will download it.

Spotify allows you to see songs that you have added that have been removed from availability as greyed-out names.

Idk Google All Music Access has a lot of music I otherwise had to torrent for years. Plus what it does not have I can get through YouTube Music. All while being grandfathered into YouTube Red to boot.

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