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My summary (I did my best to represent the gist of what Sacca was saying):

Chris Sacca considers Ron Conway a mentor and greatly respects him. However, he was "hurt" by Conways email. Sacca was at the first meeting, not the second. He wishes Conway had been there, since they would have liked his input on the things they talked about: standard docs for financing, pro-rata rights ("early investors continuing to stay involved"), futility of VCs blocking company sales, giving more liquidity to founders.

He said they are all pro entrepreneurs, they coach entrepreneurs along the way, and they 'bleed' just as much as founders do. Sacca's first deal was paid with a credit card check, which was stupid but he wanted to help.

Because of Twitter and search, they can't "fuck" entrepreneurs, since it would be forever attached to their names. Sacca is upset at Conways "rush judgement" of his (Conways) friends (Conway allegedly privately referred to them as 'dirtbags' to Sacca).

He wants Conway to ask entrepreneurs how working with the Angels in question is, and hopes Conway realizes how hard they work.

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