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I think filesharing is mainly just going to die. Streaming is probably the main perpetrator. Hollywood and the music industry are figuring out how to do digital distribution in such a way that consumers don't feel the need for filesharing.

The other is the increasing orwellization of online life, with most computer-mediated interactions and data storage happening in one of a few silos, all of which are cozy with the authorities.

I've made this observation before. File sharing (with the popular BitTorrent and whatever succeeds it) may diminish in use because of streaming, but will not die in the next decade or two. The streaming space is being fragmented further as time passes, and is killing itself. There are many people who're fed up of having to pay and sign up for yet another streaming service and then breaking their head over what content lives where. Unless the providers get their act together by letting go of the greed to be in control and the greed to make a lot of money — both with fragmentation as the solution — the scene from the last few years and continuing for the next few years only acts as a fuel for file sharing. One doesn't have to think about which provider has what content, with ads or without ads and all that stuff. Just go to your favorite file sharing site and get what you want, when you want and how you want.

For video content as well as content that's not massively popular in the population, as it was before, file sharing still provides the best experience and the best choices (content, bandwidth requirement, file sizes, file formats, etc.) for those who know how to use it.

File sharing existed with the dawn of personal computing, it will exist until it dies.

Torrenting too. Getting all the adobe products I need for $35/mo is a perfect fit.

Adobe pricing hurts a ton when you are a casual user, though.

Most subscription apps or products are way too expensive for casual users (those who don't make money from using the apps or products). It just starts piling up and could become enormous - one subscription for this, one for that, one for another and so on.

I'm just not thrilled about the idea of paying rent for software. It's hard living without Adobe, but so far, I'm managing.

I have daily withdrawals from Illustrator, though.

Wish they had another pricing model. I use Photoshop a few times a year. Would happily pay a little to use it for a few days, and then let it sit cold on my disk for a few months before starting it up again for another small fee.

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