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That's true. Musk, like all people, have their positives and negatives.

But he's always been this way. The question is why the sudden change in sentiment?

And as bad as elon musk is, the journalists are much worse. I'd rather have a world full of elon musks than journalists.

> Musk is notoriously anti-union

To be fair, no entrepreneur in a fledgling/new industry is pro-union. Actually, no entrepreneur is pro-union.

> continually over-promises then under-delivers

That's shareholders' concern, not ours.

> has continually treated his wives as trophies

Welcome to humanity. Are you going to blame his wives who loved to be trophies? Seems like personal business between consenting adults.

> and has designed a worse subway just because he doesn't want his knees to touch some peasant's knees.

As opposed to the elitist journos who love to slum it with the peasants right?

> He's just another shitty billionaire

Who the media loved. For nearly 20 years, the media wasn't too concerned with his anti-union stance, his trophy wives, his failure to delivery on his promises, etc.

Imagine being such a bootlicker that you support the objectification of women: https://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/a5380/millionaire-start...

There is no need for insults. I said elon musk has positives and negatives. How is that being a bootlicker?

And I never said I supported the objectification of women. I said I believed in independent free choice of both men and women. If a woman chooses to be a trophy wife, that's her right as a free individual. If a man chooses to marry a trophy wife, that's his right as a free individual.

Whether a man wants to marry a man or a woman wants to marry a woman or a billionaire wants to marry a trophy wife or a trophy wife wants to marry a billionaire, it's their right. As long as they are consenting adults. If consenting adults doing what they want bothers you, then the problem is with you, not them.

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