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Show HN: Curated collection of greatest explainers from all over the world (explainers.world)
3 points by vasslobodian 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Hey guys! Last September I decided to create a short explainer for one of my e-commerce product. I did not have any experience neither concrete understanding of how the video should look like - time, style, story. So I went online googling for some inspiration but didn't find a source that would really satisfy my needs. Guess what - I created one=). Right now, there're 130 videos on the website handpicked by me that you can filter through a bunch of categories: explainers, crowdfunding, commercials, tutorials, educational, customer testimonials and company testimonials. The last categories are not really "explainers" type of video, but I thought it still would be valuable to showcase them.

Check it out on [http://explainers.world/]

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

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