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Show HN: JSUI – A powerful UI toolkit for managing JavaScript apps (github.com)
4 points by deadcoder0904 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

I like where this is going. But I already am pretty into VS Code. I don't really want to download another "IDE" per say. I have a loooot of JS projects though, I wish this was an extension or something (that dash with my projects is most useful) and with quick access shortcuts.

Its completely different man. I thought of the same but then I downloaded it. When you are working on multiple projects, this is lot faster than opening Finder & then dragging Project Folder into Terminal then opening VSCode. I can open multiple projects by a click of a button but if you don't want another Electron app then its not for you I guess :)

I'll give it a shot, thanks

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