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Show HN: Side-Project: Collection of blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency websites
9 points by marky_nolan 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
Managing my bookmarks bar with so many blockchain related resources was becoming a problem. So, I decided to launch a side project (non-profit) which would be a directory of blockchain related resources like -

- Blockchain blogs

- Blockchain books

- Blockchain job websites

- Blockchain YouTube channels

- ICO review websites

- Cryptocurrency wallets

- Blockchain developer tools

- Blockchain related APIs

- Crypto Wallets

- Crypto Price Trackers

- Blockchain related chat groups

- Blockchain related communities

- Blockchain mining websites

- Blockchain related games

and everything that you would need related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

I have built a first draft of the website here - http://cryptomanual.co

Anyone can contribute to the list of links so the list can keep getting useful.

This is still in beta. Please let me know your feedback.

Hi Marky_Nolan. You Did a great job in Informative rich, yet productive website with the Minimalist design. Kudos. Will share on Facebook group dealing in Cyrto.

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