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The positive side of breaking compatibility with all legacy technologies (COM, VBA, XLL, etc) that currently force large companies to stick to MS Office is that it has the potential to reintroduce competition in the office-like software space. And in my opinion Office is the main reason why large enterprises stick to Windows. Most internal apps are moving to the web. If office backward compatibility goes away, then it's not clear that Windows is an obvious choice anymore.

And it is kind of consistent with Microsoft's new strategy to de-emphasize Windows.

Not sure if employees will enjoy the return to the days of time-sharing and remote X-Windows sessions though.

Which is the end result of Webification of our tools.

How is it the reason to stick to Windows when MacOS has had Office for quite a while?

I think it's just people are used to the OS itself. I've seen people stick to Windows just because even in small companies.

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