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> the two-pizza limit

OT, but can someone please explain this to me?

From what I understand this is a team size that you can still feed with two pizzas. But how is this different from just saying "the two-person limit"?

When I'm with friends, we order one pizza per person. On occasion, when I haven't eaten a lot during the day, I've ordered two pizzas just for myself. And I'm a regular sized Dutch guy, so not one of those stereotypical Americans that can win eating contests.

In America a person can eat two pieces of pizza and maybe a side salad plus a drink and that's plenty. Pizzas have eight slices in their "default" configuration, so one pizza feeds 4 developers.

Note: I hate 90% of pizza.

Perhaps you have smaller pizzas than in America? Most people I know could not eat a whole pizza here in America. The two pizza limit is supposed to be more like eight people.

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