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It says that the the JavaScript is compiled to native code. That's not something you get from React Native today is it? Have they implemented a new native code compiler for JavaScript? I wonder what compiler technology it uses.

This is right, its more nativeish apis and webview for UI and friends. Worthy Snipe and misinformation on my part in thread.

wait.. so its using a webview for UI with native calls like cordova and pals?

I was wondering that after reading more of the tweets; React native doesn’t compile the JS to native, so not sure what they are using to do all of that? Bit worried about the far superior languages C# and F# if they are not even dogfooding anymore.

There has been a constant divide between the developer tools division (where C# comes from) of Microsoft and the OS/Office divisions. They both have worked very differently in the past and not at all in the same directions.

It is not a question of dogfooding, it is a question of re-use. Office also needs to run in the web browser (Sharepoint, OneDrive)

But C# can run on WebAssembly!

Which is fine if you don't need your app to run in IE. They probably do.

Office client never used .net or C# to begin with

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