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Surprised they didn’t opt for Typescript. Then again, it’s a tweet - looking forward to a longer blog post with technical details when they’re willing to talk about it more.

> Surprised they didn’t opt for Typescript.

I assume that they have. Typescript compiles down to Javascript so the tweet is technically correct (written in TS, executed in JS) and there are many out there who won't have a clue what TS is but have at least some grasp of what JS is so JS was probably stated instead of TS to avoid confusion amongst the unwashed masses.

The tweet mentions Visual Studio Code which uses Typescript.

Oh god please I hope they have. In my experience, dynamically typed scripting languages struggle to keep up with the rigorous structure enforced by statically typed languages once the project gets large enough.

Yes, in theory you _can_ write big projects well in dynamically typed languages, but in practice you get a mess of undocumented interfaces and unit tests that don't quite catch the plethora of errors not present when a static type system is in place.

I think Typescript is a great middle ground between the loose running JS hipsters and the Haskell loving Hindley-Milner type system CS researchers. You can enforce the type restraints that you want (I personally am strict about explicit "string | null" declarations) but you're still hip enough to draw the JS talent.

Typescript doesn’t have much Hindley Milner in it since it has way too much sub typing (even if it’s all structural).

Too bad they didn't go with row types instead of structural sub-typing. Though that might not have matched with their goals of being able to type existing JavaScript. Not sure.

Exactly. Going structural was purely to match JavaScript interop. Heck, even Dart went with nominal sub typing, it isn’t a very common choice fo an non-functional language.

Javascript can still mean that Typescript is used.

I'm willing to bet money that MS is actually using Typescript for almost all their Javascript.

I accept that bet! Let's discuss offline.

But if somebody writes in Objective C, the C parts don't make it C.

They do. Objective C is a superset of C.

C++ used to be a superset of C too before they diverged, but Objective C and C++ are/were viewed, correctly, as different languages from the same family.

Or most likely WebAssembler...

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