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Excel is already a dog in term of realculating large spreadsheets. I think we will need Intel's 28 cores at 5GHz monster!

Maybe they'll just make it as slow as Open/LibreOffice's recalculation to be competitive...

Do you have an example spreadsheet that shows the slowness in LibreOffice?

Try plotting a 2x10000 range in libreoffice. Takes > 2 Mon just to render the graph. I'd be happy to provide the CSV to anyone interested

I've found the speed relates to the fileformat it is saved in. Might well still be slower, but in terms of speed ods > xls > xlsx for some reason.

I had it slow with plain CSV...

Plain CSV is ‘slower’ for whatever reason in my experience.

(I have no idea how other formats are structured)

I know this is impertinent, but can you lodge a bug with the project?

Even just scrolling is laggy in Excel to the point where it makes it hard to scan through data. LibreOffice does not have this problem.

If you use Excel for large spreadsheets you are probably not using the right tool.

You and I know how to code. Most excel users do not. There is just simply not enough programmers in the world to do what all business users achieve and run on Excel.

Pandas is slow. Hadoop is slow. Spark is slow. R is slow. What else is there?

R is miles faster than Excel on large data tables.

data.table in R is blazing fast

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