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    "No they are not electron apps. They are compiled to native code.
    It's now finally one toolchain(#webpack)
    It's one codebase and it compiles to:
    WIN32 (only one that uses electron)
    7:52 AM ยท Jun 13, 2018"

He says so in another tweet/reply.


See above (last line).

comment seems to be saying -- in modern windows (UWP) it'll be using native code, but microsoft is taking the easy path on win32. i guess some people are surprised that despite years of telling people that win32 is going away microsoft is finally making good. but I am not, I'm more excited than anything at another good sign that Microsoft is finally done with legacy windows.

> Microsoft is finally done with legacy windows.

It's kind of sad; all the good stuff I use is basically legacy Windows. None of what Microsoft has done since Windows 7 has appealed to me.

Yeah, it's all been less functional and slower. That's the future of computing now.

Hell, I hate all my old software just working too. I'd much rather get half-baked versions of everything that don't have all the same features.

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