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Ask HN: Beautiful shell code?
10 points by xelxebar 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
What are some examples of beautiful shell code?

Bash---and, in general, shell---gets a lot of flack for being a bad programming language. I understand the sentiment, but after writing a few klocs, with copious support from shellcheck[0], that feeling changed for me. I think bash, and even POSIX shell, can be reasonable languages, well-suited to certain problems.

Without providing rigid metrics, I'm curious about scripts HN has encountered (or produced!) that you consider high-quality.


My own (currently broken) Bash testing framework written in Bash https://github.com/helpermethod/bash-specs/blob/master/src/b...

acme.sh is the most beautiful I have come across... incredible its all written in BASH and a great way to learn some slick scripting. https://github.com/Neilpang/acme.sh

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