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Tech Companies to Watch 2018 (wsj.com)
11 points by vnellore 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Stupid question from a rookie: How would one be able to invest in those companies ?

I like to follow new promising tech companies and I 'm interested to invest a part of my portfolio in it but I'm afraid I don't have the minimum required or that I live too far (Europe).

Can’t see due to paywall. Who’s on the list?

1) Bitglass Inc. 2) Blockstream Corp. 3) Andela Inc. 4) Virta Health Corp. 5) Eero Inc. 6) R3 7) Spoke 8) Exabeam Inc. 9) SparkCognition Inc. 10) Stash Financial Inc. 11) Digital Asset Holdings LLC 12) Brave Software Inc. 13) Abra 14) Monzo Bank Ltd. 15) Kespry Inc. 16) DataVisor Inc. 17) Fourkites Inc. 18) Nauto Inc. 19) Babylon Holdings Ltd. 20) Bowery Farming Inc. 21) Airobotics Ltd. 22) Freenome Holdings Inc. 23) Claroty Ltd. 24) Descartes Labs Inc. 25) Keybase Inc.

You can click ‘web’ next to the submission link to see the article without a paywall.

Archive.is is now the most reliable way of getting around paywalls for major news outlets:


That workaround no longer works for modern paywalls.

It worked for the article in question. Did you have a problem accessing it?

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