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Async cult (mostly node people) proseltyzing that promises/callbacks are the one true way while glossing over many many scenarios where that execution pattern is less than desirable.

Wasn't projecting async all the way down to IO primitives.

Commented because most of the debate seems to be threads vs callbacks--with processes being unwisely overlooked.

Interesting. Fundamentally, in order to achieve async io, a continuation is necessary. Syntax may hide this (e.g. async/await), or make it apparent as in callbacks/promises. I can't blame JavaScript for not having syntax that makes async pretty.

That being said, if we're talking not about IO, but about cpu/memory bound problems... Well I'd be lying if I said it was uncommon in my career to come across people who assumed, to the detriment of simplicity, quality, and performance, that a calculation (e.g. process a list mapping op with AsParallel/parallelStream) would be aided by parallelism. That is just ignorance by Dunning-Kreuger devs who don't apply a critical eye to their own experiences.

You're focusing on performance. Performance is not the world. Parallelism is not the only reason to use cooperating processes. There are other considerations--like task fairness, and isolation.

We desperately need more isolation in software.

Absolutely. I agree.

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