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priyadarshy 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

This is just an uninformed rant. Uber got me hooked with very low pricing and now I continue to use it heavily even though the pricing is much higher (not taxi level though) and I own two cars.

What an odd, disjoint article. It reads like a drunken rant. The article linked is from 2011. The stock has gone up 23x since then. 23x in less than 7 years and he claims it was a mistake?

On Dec 1, 2011 NFLX was 9.49. Today it's 363.83 -- that's actually over 38x. The author doesn't realize how quickly people forget, adapt, drop grudges in the name of convenience.

NFLX also makes a profit, whereas Uber is burning cash faster than any startup out there

I eyeballed it ;) Thanks for fixing my numbers.

Convenience > everything. I love my Netflix. People love their Uber. I am willing to forgive in forget if it still offers me an awesome value proposition. shrugs in capitalism

I think Uber has a big bet on self-driving cars where $7 per ride can be sustainable. The hope is that they can use investor's money till then to subsidize rides.

But even then, unless Uber develops and owns severe patents on the self-driving technology, the self-driving car inventory would just be a commodity available to every competitor too — meaning it would be a race to the bottom on prices and potentially fewer barriers to entry, unless they use lobbying to create a livery licensing racket for self-driving cars to protect some oligopoly of ride hailing services.

My bet is some form of oligopolistic regulatory capture is the long-term plan (similar in spirit to ISP oligopoly), because if self-driving cars are a commodity it still doesn’t look like that offers a path to profitability.

Author should not have lead with "I will be upset when I no longer get this deal." Who cares?

I'm sad that this article was upvoted. It's terribly thought out.

(It's also from Sept 2017 anyway...)

Must not have been during rush hour. Ain't no way you'd even get in a car around here during that time, if you had a choice in the matter.

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