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The author is John Osterhout, a CS professor. He was working at Sunlabs at the time. It's not like some unknown lone voice from the bowels of Sun was 'trying to warn us'. Warn us about what, anyway?

There was a hype wave about multithreading (hey BeOS) that started around 1995.

BeOS was pretty good, and now that i'm wiser in the tooth, they were basically implementing the Actor model, except since it was in C++, it was really hard to guarantee that the programmers wouldn't do stupid things with shared state.

“Threads are a bad idea” I believe is the warning.

And Sun was busy rolling out a certain now popular language with threading baked in around 1995.

I’ve had to fix other people’s servlet thread crosstalk bugs a few times. Wish “modern” (???) web apps used a different architecture...

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