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The powerwall is next to the AC/insulation guy that seems like he is there about 50% of the time. He hooks people with "free home efficiency audits". I've seen a tesla rep there with lower frequency, but I'm having a hard time understanding how many they actually sell, because frankly where I live the only use case is going to be people with large enough solar installations to go off grid, as the power company doesn't do any kind of time based rate tiering (the tiering is entirely usage based, and the power company includes how much solar you consume in the equation).

> and the power company includes how much solar you consume in the equation

This is very striking to me. Does the power company get actual readings on your solar energy consumption, or is the tiering based on estimated solar usage?

I think they are metering the solar as well...


iirc Austin is one of the few places in the US that has a full feed-in tariff, that is they buy back all your solar through a dedicated meter at feed-in prices (usually closer to wholesale vs. the retail prices you purchase at) and apply that as a credit.

I’m from the home town of Home Depot and never seen the AC guy or Tesla guy. The only place I’ve seen what you describe is in Costco?

Where are these people positioned in Home Depot to make it effective? Costco’s one entrance and one exit make it ideal for this kind of badgering.

In my experience they have a table at the end of one of the aisles but then roam around bugging people.

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