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Meme specialist job opening (one of those jobs that “didn't exist yet”) (cryptojobslist.com)
18 points by qqn 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

I did worry about my son thinking that being a Youtuber would be a valid career path, this has made it immeasurable worse - thanks :(

It is a valid career path! It would be foolish to not have a backup plan though.

Good point, it is a valid choice in the same way wanting to be a footballer is.

A career that is emotionally taxing and financially wild can still be a career. I never said it wouldn't be hard.

Requires "7+ years of experience in blockchain, and cryptocurrency." That narrows things down quite a bit.

Of course, the people who really had experience in Bitcoin in 2011 are not out looking for jobs...

well, I set up bitcoind back in 2011. I can BS my way in...

Cached: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:p4Rhea...

Not sure about being paid bonuses in kittens and puppies; that's kind of a reverse bonus. Somehow, I think I'm being trolled.

Longer-lasting archive:


I wait anxiously to see this job mentioned in lists of Everything Wrong With Kids These Days.

how do we make this happen? :)

I got to wonder if they are meaning crytokitties https://www.cryptokitties.co/

back online! apparently HN effect downed the site on GCP :)

Hey HN. I'm the guy running Crypto Jobs List. Been having this networking issues ever since i've moved to GCP from AWS. I've set my instance's IPs to static (instead of ephemeral) and running dukku. Site is up and and running, for about a day and them around the sate time of the day gets disconnected and not accessible via domain name. SSH still works tho. This puts the site under risk. Anyone had the same issue? Would love your help, dear HN to keep Crypto Jobs List up!

just when i found the job for me, the position has already been filled :)

month stated as $1750 but salary listed as $48k hell of a union fee tax

acting as if you actually give a... promote... our startup.

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