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The contract was for 800 Home Depot locations out of ~2,000 total locations. Our location has People watching the entrance of the store as well as combing the aisles to pitch customers.

Valuable products don't need a hard sell.

> combing the aisles to pitch customers

That's really obnoxious. What an awesome way to drive me to other retailers.

Valuable products may need people to convince others that they're valuable. That is, in effect, the sell.

>Valuable products don't need a hard sell

Is your claim that Tesla products are doing such good business at Home Depot that they no longer need salespeople?

Is anything ever bad news for this company? They are bleeding red ink, haven't ever made production goals, claim to be growing exponentially, and yet are laying off employees because business is so good?

I'm with the poster down thread: the Fandom is hard to comprehend.

I think that you misread your parent, who was, to my reading, saying that the fact that powerwalls apparently needed a hard sell was proof that they were not good products.

But, but . . . Elon Musk! Sports Cars and Electricity and Space and stuff! What's there not to like?!!

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