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Looks like the 9% were mostly management in redundant roles, not production.

100% of the articles I have read about Tesla have been completely fabricated hit-pieces, or like this one, completely misleading. I think that at this point, they deserve the benefit of the doubt unless you're willing to actually read the article.

How is it misleading?

They purged contractors not long ago and are now laying off lots of people. Those are facts.

They reported that "production associates" are unaffected by the layoffs -- which doesn't mean that people working in production aren't impacted. It just means that they aren't laying off hourly employees in production. The editorial at the bottom of the article rationalizes the decision and reflects that it is ultimately good for the company.

IMO, it was a pretty balanced article that delivered potentially bad news in a fair way.

Misleading in that, when you hear layoffs, you immediately think "financial trouble" because that's usually the context that you hear about layoffs.

These articles you hear about Tesla are sometimes factual, but they're not published because they're factual. They're published to do damage and affect stock prices in a way that make specific people rich. It's the equivalent of playing poker, and affecting your neighbor's hand by distracting the dealer.

Every week there's a god damn article about Elon's "fall from grace" (what?) or about how he's trying to prevent unionization (you mean the fake unions that Ford has been trying to start, but workers aren't interested in?) or about subsidies (which are still a fraction of oil subsidies).

As a result, he made the mistake of criticizing the ethics of the media. So start expecting him to get the Gamer-gate treatment as the media pile on him even harder than before with fabricated news.

Every time I read a negative piece about Elon or Tesla, I worry "oh shit, is this the one?" and I look into the article and it's absolute bullshit. At this point, even if I read an article and it appears to be factual, I'd say the burden of proof is on the naysayers, and not on Musk or Tesla, given past performance.

You think "financial trouble" in this case because there is plenty of it. Tesla is a company with 6 months to either get cash or become insolvent.

Elon Musk is an amazing innovator and amazing PR guy. Few people can turn an idea into reality as well. But... he's running a high risk business whose rich valuation can go poof at any time. Because his personal name is inseparable from the firm, he's going to get heat for it.

The financial press has an obligation to talk about this stuff. Investors deserve to be informed.

The submitted article is from Electrek, which is a Tesla-friendly blog.

In the actual email, Musk says this:

> As part of this effort, and the need to reduce costs and become profitable, we have made the difficult decision to let go of approximately 9% of our colleagues across the company

How is that not related to “financial trouble”?

They are literally laying off 9% of their employees. Saying that they are laying off people is not "bias", it is stating facts. The fact that Tesla is taking steps that typically are associated with "financial trouble" is just what the reality of the situation is.

Have you tried reading their financials? Lots of good stuff in there.

Do you consider Elon Musks Twitter to be unbiased, real news?

No one considers Elon Musks Twitter to be unbiased, real news. Stop trolling with false dichotomies.

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