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I wonder if some of this is finalizing the digestion of solar city.

How many accountants, tech, and office workers did the combine company have that were redundant? Have there been layoffs from the merger (if there were I missed them) - I'm curious to see if this is the end result of that combination.

There were some pretty massive layoffs with the merger already, leading into it, at least according to someone I know who was part of those lay offs.

And according to this article:

> After the acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla had another round of layoffs to restructure and remove duplicate positions from the acquisition, which resulted in about 20% of SolarCity’s workforce being let go.

Other than the article I can't find anything that points to redundancy being the cause:


Is the only other reference that I have found and articles around this time frame don't make it clear the redundancy was the cause.

The classic solar sales and installation company business model isn't shaping up very well. Operating margins aren't the best due to the need for local assets in frequently changing markets as incentives come and go. It's definitely more profitable to sell batteries/panels/etc to the solar installers than to run the operation itself.

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