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For those readers that are curious who Tannenbaum is, he wrote (the best IMHO) operating systems book [0]. This book contained the complete source of an operating system 'Minix'. At the same time Torvalds wanted to build a OS system. Did Torvalds use/steal or extend the Minix source? It is extremely controversial [1] amount CS types.

https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Operating-Systems-Andrew-Tanen... [0]

http://wiki.c2.com/?MinixOperatingSystem [1]

Unless they are self taught I doubt there is anyone here who doesnot know who Tannenbaum is. Try going through a computer science curriculum without hearing of him.

Which reminded me again in what a marvellous period we still are with our discipline. There are still quite a few of the guys out there who "wrote the book".

Because you misspelled it twice, Tanenbaum‘s OS is called Minix.

Linus did read the book, which is how he got interested in OS development.

He also ran Minix to work on Linux until Linux got solid enough to dogfood.

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