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Ask HN: Can I kill the 'uses cookies' warning?
4 points by madmulita 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments
Has the 'this site uses cookies' saved anyone from anything?

Is there a way to get rid of that stupid message without having to find a button, an X or something and having to click it every single time?

Many of those silly warnings are inserted by Javascript code running on the page.

Installing NoScript and by default blocking all Javascript blocks any of the 'we use cookies' warnings that are inserted by Javascript.

I see very few of those warnings myself (NoScript in default deny all JS mode), beyond the ones that are hard-coded directly into the HTML page.

But then JavaScript doesn't work...

+1 Blocking JS makes the web a much better experience.

This is my experience, so not sure why the downvotes.

This has made the web truly infuriating. It has got a lot worse since the GDPR introduction, it feels like every other site wants to greet you on arrival with some message you just want to bat away.

Browser should just build this in and have it say - you agree to use cookies when browsing the internet so you can answer the question one time for the internet cause... yeah it’s a feature

It's not the cookies but how they are used. You need to tell people how they are used. To give them a clear choice in managing their privacy.

You could crowdsource it, or use machine learning to read the screen and look for buttons to click? heh

Yeah it’s the worst. For reading articles I recommend outline.com and their chrome extension (no special permissions required!) Just click the button on the annoying page and it will generate a reader mode version for you. It also gets around paywalls.

No affiliation, just really like the product. Also hoping they don’t get sued.

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