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Show HN: Bmarks – a simple tag-based bookmark manager (bmarks.net)
8 points by FelipeCortez 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Every once in a while, bookmark managing sites/apps hit the Show HN section. This brings up some questions:

- Is "bookmarks" a problem not yet solved?

- What is the secret sauce of pinboard?

- Is the success of pinboard replicable?

For me, personally, an ideal bookmark solution drills down to just search: Mark a webpage as "noteworthy", enrich it with metadata and offer a powerful search engine limited to these "noteworthy" sites. I use email the same way – no folders or tags, just search.

To OP: Congrats on the Launch! Kudos for optional email in the signup process, open sourcing your work and using Django :-)

Hah. I know the questions are tongue-in-cheek, but I started this project because I came across Pinboard and thought it did bookmarks almost exactly the way I was looking for (not an app, web-based, no fancy AJAX) but didn't want to pay $11 a year for something I could probably implement myself (very cheap of me, I know). I also wanted to work on my Python/Django skills and I think a bookmarking website is the perfect size for a side project. That's probably why there are so many of them.

Now this is all pretty obvious, but the reason I decided to post it here is I've been using it for nearly a year and even though Pinboard seems much better, bmarks works pretty well for me, so maybe cheapskates like me could find this subset of features good enough too. Also, I really wanted to have a high-density view of my bookmarks (like Chrome/Firefox's explorers).

Regarding the ideal bookmarking solution, I understand the search approach, but IMO tags can be useful if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. For instance, here's [0] a list of designers/studios I often come back to when I need some inspiration and a a list of lists of films when I need something to watch [1]. You can definitely use metadata to simulate tags though. That's what I do for my music library.

And thanks! I really appreciate it!

[0] https://www.bmarks.net/felipecortez/tag/people+design/

[1] https://www.bmarks.net/felipecortez/tag/film/

This looks awesome. I have been looking for something like this.

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