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AI could get 100 times more energy-efficient with IBM’s new artificial synapses (technologyreview.com)
7 points by jitrocs 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Replace AI from the title with Deep learning and it would make sense but of-course in todays world any computing related news just don't make sense until you have AI in it.

Well written reporting, to the point, and with counterpoint too. As far as IBM's research efforts, yeah they have drawn lots of duds over the years...

IBM's claims of AI in the past have been a bit overdone by the marketing department (Watson) so I forgive anyone for being a bit skeptic here.

full disclosure, I work for IBM. But it does link to a fairly informative research paper published in Nature.

"The computational energy efficiency of 28,065 billion operations per second per watt and throughput per area of 3.6 trillion operations per second per square millimetre that we calculate for our implementation exceed those of today’s graphical processing units by two orders of magnitude."

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