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Joyent's Node SmartMachine Rollout This Morning - Announced on JSConf
36 points by js4all 2554 days ago | hide | past | web | 16 comments | favorite
This morning they rolled out the new Node SmartMachines, first featured during NodeKO. Now everyone can get a coupon code via the API and provision a machine.

  API URL: https://api.no.de/
  Node URL: https://no.de/

Just to be clear, get your account: http://smart.joyent.com/signup


$ curl -k -u user:password https://api.no.de/heart -X POST

Exactly. And this is still a preview. From Ryan's presentation:

  "The first 150 people can generate a coupon code for
   creating a no.de Smart Machine."

I was able to create an app from the interface at smart.joyent.com (your profile --> your applications).

However when I clone repo or add the repo url to git remote of the project dir, it's asking for a password. What should i be entering there? Guessing it's because we're told to use the user git "git@git.smart... ". Anyone? the #joyent channel on freenode doesnt seem to have active staff right now.

Oh no, that's the wrong site. That one is about their earlier solution they bought from Reasonably Smart.

The new Node.js solution lives under http://no.de The correct repo is shown after you have provisioned your machine.

I tried to look around, but... I can't find any general information what is this all about? Nodes? SmartMachines? There's loads of installation instructions, API docs, etc. but where is the "what is it and why should I care" page?

The best answer I could find, along with instruction to do some things, was at the Joyent wiki: http://wiki.joyent.com/node:faq

Regarding specs of the service offered, it just says: I need more memory or disk! "As part of our beta service we have one size Node Smart Machine available. In our tests so far, few developers have hit those limits. If you are running out of disk or memory send a message to support@joyent.com or try running Node on a standard SmartOS Smart Machine."

Node.js is the most promising new web application server. The key features are:

  * It's designed around an event loop and non-blocking IO
  * It executes server-side JavaScript on Google's V8 engine
  * It's fast and high troughput
  * Node.js is currently adopted by Joyent, Heroku, Yahoo and many others
Details about Node.js can be found here: http://nodejs.org/

Yeah - I meant - I know what NodeJS is - but what is that whole Joyent / no.de thing about? Is it hosted NodeJS? Or something completely different?

Great, I couldn't really believe that someone missed the hype.

And yes, both provide early beta hosted Node.js.

Heroku use their current infrastructure and offer node.js dynos on their new Beech stack. It's easy and fun to use.

Joyent offers a full VPS based on SunOS. It can host node.js and other supporting packages, databases, all freely installable. You can even ssh into a SmartEngine. Ryan Dahl, the creator of node.js, has joined Joyent.

This sounds like it might be a useful (will pay money for) service, but I have to say my first experience here was weird and slightly obnoxious. Why do I need to give you an SSH key when I first sign up? Why are coupon codes masked behind the API? When I first started it said I could request one, then I saw nothing.

I did figure out that I can request through your API via command line, but it seems like a have to use a weird unicode heart (/heart doesn't work). After futzing with that I discover all coupons are gone. Awesome.

I don't understand what you're complaining about. All i did was register + $ curl -k -u user:password https://api.no.de/heart -X POST and then i had to generate the ssh key.

Adding an SSH key was part of the sign up page on the website. Leaving blank only prompted me for it again.

Running "curl -k -u user:pass http://api.no.de/heart -X POST" gave no output. I'm noticing in my history that I didn't use https, I guess that's why it didn't work.

Why should I even have to jump to curl to request a coupon?

It's a cute little developer centric signup mechanism. if you don't like it, wait for the regular release for an html form?

Thank you js4all!

I tried it, but doing a GET to api.no.de/coupons returned an empty array ([]) and posting to ♥ got me {errors:"page not found"}

I wonder if they're out of coupons..?

You need to POST instead.

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