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Lawn Love (YC S14) Is Hiring a Director of Search Marketing in San Diego
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Hi there!

We're Lawn Love, a new type of lawn care service. We bring software, data, and operational rigor to the very large and largely low-tech lawn care market. We solve two main problems:

For consumers: In the current world, consumers can spend weeks finding potential lawn care pros, getting quotes, comparing them, and scheduling their service. Even with the most rigorous process, they have no way of being confident that they’ll get great service. We are building a modern, seamless lawn care experience. Quoting is algorithmic and takes <2 minutes. Payments, invoices, and scheduling are brought online, and you can manage everything from your phone or web browser. Provider ratings, reviews, and quant/qualitative analysis ensure that you're getting a great lawn pro, each and every time.

For lawn pros: Currently, lawn pros have to deal with the hassle of finding customers, providing quotes that don’t convert to jobs, and collecting payments from delinquent customers leaving less time for them to do what they’re best at….taking care of lawns! We bring a pipeline of demand straight to their door. We also handle the quote process, customer service, accounting, and payments, allowing them to spend less time on the meta-work and more time in the field. Finally, we use job clustering and routing algos to help them build much denser routes, which both boosts their earning potential and slashes fuel expenses and idle time.


We're now operating in over 120 markets across the U.S., have tens of thousands of customers, and thousands of lawn professionals on the platform. We’re looking for a STELLAR Director of Search Marketing to help us scale SEO.

Here's what you can expect from us:

- A collaborative working environment with a front row seat to an amazing growth story.

- Great exposure within the company.

- The adrenaline rush of the spring / summer and the relaxing lull of the fall / winter.

- Great compensation and real ownership (both in terms of equity and over the product.)

- We'll make your life easier with great benefits (full health coverage, open vacation, regular catered meals, etc.)

- New gear and whatever else you need to be productive.


Skills & Requirements

- You love working hard, not just for financial rewards, but for the opportunity to grow personally.

- You are intellectually curious and you get stuff done. Results are what matter to you.

- You have a track record of building scalable SEO campaigns, and have demonstrated success.

- You don’t mind getting into the weeds but you can also be strategic and think big picture.

- You have a fast operating cadence and are process oriented.

- You are profoundly, massively data driven. You measure everything you can, and let results inform your beliefs. You can identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on those insights

- You’re creative when it comes to building new campaigns, testing new strategies, and writing great content.

- You live in (or want to move to) sunny San Diego.


Here's what to include in your application:

- A short introduction describing who you are and what you're looking for. What projects have you enjoyed working on? What motivates you? What’s the most impressive thing you’ve done?

- Links to any relevant profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, ClubPenguin, etc).

- A description of your work history (whether as a resume, LinkedIn profile, poetry, or prose.)

Reach out to us at jobs@lawnlove.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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