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This is a great question for philosopher sniping. But it's not so great for actually drawing conclusions about the world. A "genuine desire to do good" doesn't really mean anything.

This is a rather trite response. I've personally made multiple donations here and there because I thought the organizations are poised to have a positive long term impact on humanity. I don't freely share that information.

I'm pretty confident that I'm not a crazy outlier, and that this behavior is mundane and common.

None of that really has anything to do with my point about the phrase "a genuine desire to do good" being vacuous. If you think my observation is too trite to be useful, juxtapose it against the dozen commenters attempting to reconstruct altruism from evolutionary first principles.

Meaningless questions don't merit serious debate just because they're grammatically coherent. We could come up with any number of questions like this which will yield at least n + 1 opinions for every n people we ask.

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