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A bee sacrificing her life to fend off an attacker has an absolutely genuine desire to do good by it's hive. Even a rational organism like a human could act on moral and behavioral biases that emerged under selfish gene evolutionary pressure.

An example could be our strong tendency to protect children, young ones especially, a bias we share with most other vertebrates. Protecting the children is a sacred cow in almost any human society, even to the expense of adults. From an utilitarian and philosophical point of view, that's entirely debatable since children represent a lower investment of resources compared to a productive adult and are much easier to replace. It's hard to prove that very young children are barely even conscious.

When we understand children as the depositories of their parents genes, the strong moral imperative to save children even at the expense of the parent's own life becomes easier to understand. There's no contradiction between viewing protecting children as the right and moral thing to do, and observing that said morality is indelibly linked to our evolution.

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